Top 3 Outsourcing Myths you NEED to know!

There are a number of outsourcing myths out there.

It’s important that you know how to get beyond them and learn some facts about the subject at hand.

Here are the top 3 outsourcing myths you need to know:

Myth #1: Outsourcing is nothing more than cost savings.

Yes, successful companies are indeed outsourcing parts of their business projects because of the cost-saving benefits, but this is not the main reason.

There has been an increase in companies that are outsourcing recently and one of the reasons, is to be able to focus on the core aspects of the business.

But Why?

Focusing on core aspects of the business is ultimately what will make the business grow. Companies are realizing this and outsourcing tasks to free up as much time and energy they can to later place it into the fundamental tasks.

Another reason why companies are outsourcing is simply that they lack the capacity to “do everything themselves”.

We all know that running a successful business is no easy task and the number of resources and manpower needed to take care of every little detail and stay competitive in today’s market is incredibly high.

This is exactly why companies choose to outsource!

By outsourcing, they have access to professionals that can help make the process a lot smoother.

While cost savings is often thought about when speaking of outsourcing, another unmistakable reason companies outsource is for efficiency. Let me explain:

When outsourcing you are paying for a task, not an employee. This not only means you are getting the most bang for your buck but also that you are paying only to get the result you are looking for. This makes keeping track of progress and being able to know when to expect things, a lot easier.

Last but not least one of the most important reasons companies are outsourcing is to gain access to specialized experts.

When outsourcing, companies not only outsource basic daily tasks. Some companies use outsourcing to get fundamental projects done and for those projects, they may need a team of experts in a specific field. For Example:

Let’s say you need to set up an online store and you want to integrate it into your existing website. You may need to hire 1 or more experts that will make sure you get exactly what you’re looking, without the need to put them on the payroll.

Outsourcing is not about saving money, it’s about maximizing your capital.

Myth #2: When you outsource you get low quality service

This is simply not true. To further debunk this myth, first, we need to understand what exactly is quality.

One way to understand what quality means is by understanding what quality can do for us. Improving the quality of an outsourced worker simply means getting a worker that will provide us with the task we need with the least amount of complications. By looking it that way, we can very easily see that outsourcing will improve our overall business quality.

This myth comes from the early stages of outsourcing.

In the beginning stages, quality may have been an issue that some companies had to deal with. But in today’s day, there are so many ways to control exactly who you’re going to pick for the job. Not to mention the number of options we have for monitoring progress.

Another reason why this myth is no longer relevant is simply due to the fact that some areas have seen a massive increase in quality when being outsourced, for example, customer service.

The right team can boost your customer service. You can have a team, trained and at your disposal, that will be able to handle customer calls and complaints. Teams that will provide you with a lot of leverage to make customers happier and increase the quality of your service.

Even quality control can be outsourced.

An entire team of quality control experts will be able to help you put your products through rigorous testing. The team can follow your guidelines and instructions to ensure that every product that is purchased meets your business standards.

In summary, outsourcing has changed, and a lot of the issues that occurred even a decade ago, are now eliminated. Companies can outsource key business tasks to entire teams that are able to improve your business sales and overall quality.

Myth #3: Only large organizations outsource successfully.

It is true that larger organizations benefit immensely from outsourcing. But that does not mean that only these organizations are capable of using outsourcing to reach their max potential. Companies in earlier stages of development can very much benefit from outsourcing possibly even more. Mainly because of the number of tasks outsourcing companies can complete for them.

This particular myth quickly vanishes once you start outsourcing. When you get into the swing of things you can quickly find out that outsourcing has many many different uses. Almost any company can see potential growth by outsourcing some sort of task.

The truth is, nowadays “big” or “small” is very relative when it comes to companies, largely in part due to outsourcing. The fact that we can hire from a pool of millions of high-quality workers from around the world for half the price of an average worker, is largely the reason why.

Even so, the misconception that only big companies can outsource successfully stays prevalent. This is largely due to the fact that most people also believe that outsourcing is a difficult task to pull off correctly. Again not true!

Some people think finding the right person for the job will be a hassle due to the number of businesses looking for top-tier workers and that only the companies with business ties are going to have access to the top-tier experts. We must keep in mind that the pool of workers is enormous! We can all have access to experts from all around the world.


Many of these outsourcing myths stem from the early beginnings of outsourcing. This business practice has been growing and expanding over the years and getting better and better throughout them.

Also, we must keep in mind that due to the new change in lifestyles we’ve experienced globally beginning last year, outsourcing has grown immensely.

Most of the issues that can occur when outsourcing can be avoided if we take a little bit of time to really let our workers know exactly what we want and no matter if you have a large organization or just recently started up a company, outsourcing will benefit you.