Easily set up a virtual offshoring unit in India

As you are reading this page, it's high probable that you have made up your mind to make a global presence and leverage the experienced and talented workforce available in India.

Congratulations! Its a great decision and PlutusContinuum can help you up an running with your Virtual India office in less than 4-6 weeks.

Process of setting up a virtual offshoring unit in India

  • Requirement Gathering - Once you contact us, we will understand from you what is the nature of work, how many employees will be required and with what skill set and experience.

  • Proposal for virtual office Setup - We will send you the detailed proposal on how and where setup will happen, what will be the timeliness and pricing.

  • Employee Hiring - We will engage you in hiring the right candidates who will form part of your team. You can join us in interviewing these candidates, or we can get the best person for you basis the job description shared.

  • Training and Business as usual (BAU) - You will provide process training to the new joiners before they actually start getting into the production.

  • Regular Management connects and followups - to check if everything is fine or we need to make any changes in terms of Infrastructure, Employees or any other matter.

Benefits of setting up a virtual offshoring unit

  • No need to bother about legal formalities and clearances from government authority, only one performance level agreement you need to sign with Plutus Continuum and we are good to start.

  • Infra Management is all on us - no need to worry about office space management and IT setups ie Computers, Printer, Laptops, Servers etc

  • Controlled Offshoring Strategy - As you will be engaged from initial stages of planning the setup, interviewing, hiring and performance management of the assigned employees - you have complete control on your India operations. If you to delegate, we are equipped with experiences management professionals to manage it for you.

  • Cost effective - Save up to 40% of your current cost of operations.

Let's take 1st step now !

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