6 Steps Process on How to Outsource work to India

Our Customer Focused Process Outsourcing Model

1. Initial Contact & Relationship Building

Simply send us an email info@PlutusContinuum.com and we will contact you to understand each other better. We believe that no business contract can be delivered successfully until and unless there is a "Trust based relationship" between company and client. Initial discussion is to answer all your questions which are in your mind and once you are satisfied with our offerings and credentials we can discuss other aspects. You may simply consider this as a Networking Call.

2. We will listen you to understand the ask completely

This is expected to be a more detailed discussion wherein we will get domain experts along with one of the representatives from our management team to understand What you are looking for, How you want it to be delivered, What are the timeliness and other aspects of the assignment. This stage can be considered as an "Outsourcing Feasibility" discussion.

3. Will analyze your ask and send you the complete delivery plan

Now that we know what you need, we will analyze the assignment and share with you a detailed execution plan which will cover;

  • Scope of Assignment

  • Timeliness for delivery

  • Quality Check Toll Gates

  • Pricing Details

  • Any other details relevant to the assignment

We will walk you through all the details of delivery plan and if you are satisfied with it, we can sign a performance agreement which will include all these details clearly.

4. Will start working on your assignment and get your consent on Toll Gates agreed

At this stage our team of professionals will be working on your assignments and is all set to deliver. As our team has subject matter experts from different domains ie Finance, Technology, Change Management, Human Resources etc - we will collaborate to deliver the most optimal solution to you.

Depending on the Toll Gates agreed, the team will reach out to you to share the progress made and get your feedback.

5. Final Delivery with a Big Thanks and request for future assignments and referrals

Once you give your clearance on the last Toll gate (in case of time bound projects), we will make final delivery obviously with a BIG THANKS for associating with us. We will ensure that you are 100% happy and satisfied at this stage. As our relationship must go on, we will request you for referrals and future assignments.

6. Follow-up discussion to ensure everything is fine and you are 100% satisfied

We will proactively followup with you to ensure you are not facing any issues and in case you need any other help, we are always here.

Still have questions ?

No worries.

Our relationship managers are here to help you.