Payroll processing services for small and medium size business

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Payroll processing is one of the most important function for any organisation considering it directly impacts it's employee workforce and if not processed accurately and timely the business may face regulators penalties also. At PlutusContinuum we understand that though it is an important function but it is a non-core activity, the businesses may have specialization in their areas of operation but may not be able to build a risk free effective Payroll system for their organization.

This is where we come in picture, our team of professionals are ready to collaborate with you and help you build a best in class payroll processing function within your organization.

Value we offer

  • Leverage industry leading payroll management software which are deployed by future 5oo companies.

  • Cost effective - pay as you go flexible models available.

  • Employee assistance services and on demand reports like payslips, claims reimbursements, tax summary and more.

  • Flexible outsourcing model - outsource end to end function from salary calculations to payout or just part of it. Choice is yours!

  • Be always compliant with taxation and other local laws. no fear of penalties.

  • 100% Safe and secure data - through partnership with Amazon web services.

  • Timely and accurate processing through our detailed review approach.

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