Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

PlutusContinuum provides end to end Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO Services), put it simply we can help you hire the right candidate for your company in a short span of time. Our Recruitment experts have more than 20 years of experience in sourcing and on-boarding the right candidates across various industries, we are equipped with latest tools to make overall hiring process seems like a cakewalk.

How will it work - Four Steps in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Requirement gathering - You will contact us and share the details on how many people you need to hire, what is the skill set and experience you are looking for along with other details like Job description, location and budget salary for the role.

  • Sourcing of Resumes - Basis the job requirements, our recruitment experts will source the resumes of potential candidates. Preliminary screening covering the adaptability of candidate to company's culture, role/experience and salary fitment will also be done by our recruiters.

  • Scheduling Interviews - Shortlisted candidates will be lined up for interviews with the hiring manager . Interviews can be either through video conferencing or face to face depending on your preference.

  • Offer roll out and joining formalities - In case your organization needs assistance, we can also help in rolling out the offer on your behalf.

Benefits of outsourcing your hiring process to us

  • Quick turnaround time - As our recruiters are hiring domain experts and they are equipped with right tools and skill set, the overall hiring time from requirement gathering to offer roll out is very less.

  • Cost effective - Pay only if you hire resource through us. No fixed cost for a recruitment person in your company.

  • Quality hiring - As our experts will do initial pre-screening on various parameters you are assured that you only end up hiring the right candidate who will fit will in your company.

  • We prove RPO services to small and mid-sized companies and all assignments are equally important for us. So weather it is hiring of a single resource or building up n entire team, we are game for it.

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