Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

Plutus Continuum can help you manage your end to end Finance function. Our varied Finance and Accounting Services covers essential Book Keeping Services, Preparation of Financial Statements, Working on Complex Finance Models, Implementation of Accounting Standards, Regulatory Reporting, Financial Planning and Analysis and more...

Depending on the complexity of the work we will allocate the finance professionals to get this done. Our team of finance professionals ranges from recent graduates to experienced Finance Pundits with more than 15-20 years of solid experience. So whatever the nature of work is, we are equipped enough to manage and deliver it to your expectations.

  • Day to Day Accounting and Book Keeping Services

Outsource your day to day Accounting jobs to our India office which includes;

  • Posting of manual journal entries in General Ledger

  • Revenue Accounting - Invoice Management, making bad dept provisions based on Debtors ageing

  • Accounts Payable - Entering Vendor Invoices in General Ledger

  • Bank Reconciliation - Ensuring Bank entries are always in sync with General Ledger

  • All other aspects of day to day accounting

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

No need to worry about your year end financial statements, we can deliver the financial statements which are 100% ready for tax filings;

  • Ledger Scrutiny - To ensure all balances are correct and ready to be included in financial statement

  • Year end adjustments inline with applicable accounting standards

  • Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Notes to Accounts and Statutory Disclosures

  • Any other inclusions which may be required for preparation of Annual accounts

  • Regulatory Submissions

Industry specific regulators across the world ask for detailed returns and submissions from organizations. Timely and Accurate submission to the Regulators is non-negotiable. PlutusContinuum can help you comply with these regulatory submission requirements. Outsource your regulatory submissions to us and enjoy a peace of mind.

  • Complex Financial models

PlutusContinuum team provides services around building complex financial models, managing them and providing reports as and when required. We use Emerging technology like Power BI, Alteryx and Tableau to build this models. Some of the financials models we have made so far includes;

  • Profitability and Pricing of Products and Services,

  • Buy vs Lease decisions

  • Employee Stock Option Management

  • Scenario Analysis to evaluate different proposals

  • Simple Inventory Management for small business

  • and many more...

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

Financial Planning is critical for any business to succeed. It's important that you draw your budgets at start of the year, slice it by Region, Products or Business Segments and continuously monitor the actual progress in comparison to what you budgeted. PlutusContinuum have standard financial planning and forecasting models to implement for your business.

Under the umbrella of Financial planning and analysis, we provide following services;

  • Preparation of Annual Operating plan or Budget based on Historical data and relevant assumptions

  • Budget reporting by business area, products or segments

  • Analysis of variance between actual and budgets and come up with recommendations

  • Adjusting annual budget with change in scenarios

  • Management Reporting around company's financial performance

  • and many more...

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Reasons why offshore your finance function with us

  • Professional services by domain experts - we have qualified accountants with more than 15 years of experience

  • Collaborative solution by our Tech and Finance Teams which helps providing best fin-tech solution

  • Strict Data security and privacy guidelines

  • We target to complete work with accelerated timeliness

  • Flexible work arrangements to suit your finance need

  • Cost effective - you can save upto 60% of your current cost of managing finance function